Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm ready for St. Patty's Day, are you?

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That's right...big party tomorrow night. And I've got my personal shot glass necklace ready to go. When everyone else is too drunk to find their glasses or all the clean shot glasses have been used up, I'll still be ready to go!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Sorry the posting has been so...well...nonexistent!

I've been busy busting balls, pinching balls, killing balls. Yes, I LOVE to play with balls!!!

Now before you get thinking all dirty...OOPS, wasn't fast enough apparently...

Its the height of racquetball season. And, I'm a BIG racquetball player. Between practice, leagues, and racquetball tournys, I haven't had time for much else.

Very funny that my husband introduced me RB before we got married. NOW, I'm the one who plays all the time, while he has basically retired. (Actually, he's just tired, but don't let him know!)

Well, just want to let y'all know I'm still alive, just been busy bouncing balls!

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