Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What would be the worst policy a company could implement?

A. No leaving the office during breaks. No leaving the premises - even to go on an energetic walk.

B. No smoking on the office premises. Not even outside, in the parking lot or on the terrace.

C. All of the above.

Guess what the State of WI is going to be implementing next year for its employees? You guessed it; "C" - all of the above. This will also effect our 'customers' who end up waiting around sometimes for quite a while.

I don't smoke, but I sure feel for smokers in this instance. This means they will not be allowed to smoke anywhere on the state grounds or to leave the building to go smoke somewhere else! Oh, you can choose to leave the premises on your "15 minute" morning/evening break, but if you do, you must tell your supervisor and it will be docketed from your lunch break.

We also have a lot of 'customers' in my line of work who like to smoke. Imagine us running out to the parking lot to inform them to "put out that cigarette"; its not allowed here!

Oh this is going to be a lot of fun! (And the State of WI thought it had problems find good workers before!)

Friday, October 21, 2005


A rant for one of the many co-workers I cannot stand:

If you work in a "cubicle world", do NOT hum to yourself. You are not humming to yourself - you are humming to the entire workplace. And, as I do not know the hymns of the obscure church you attend, I do not share your enthusiasm for the little ditty going through your head and being expelled from your lips!

If I had to work an entire 8 hour day with you, I would have been arrested for murder. Cheerfully, the nice man in a uniform would have led me off to a quiet, peaceful jail cell.

Thankfully, I only went through 4 hours of hell with you and was able to escape my cubicle with some semblance of sanity left.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The community theater play I'm in has dress rehearsal this Wednesday, then we are live Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. I've only got a small part, but I'm pretty nervous.

The play is "Life with Father". Its a very funny play, but has three kids in it. The kids seem to lack some concentration skills. We also have some adults who are still stumbling a bit with lines. I'm not sure if we'll pull it off. One way or the the other, the show will go on...

We should have some good luck, though. One of the more minor characters really did break his foot last week and will have to be in a walking cast. I guess that counts as a 'Break Your Leg'!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Errrr...I mean "Rent-a-Car". So Beloved Husband and I may have to rent a car. We are venturing into unchartered waters here. I was hoping some of the more seasoned travelers could help out again.

What are some companies you've had good luck with? Bad luck with? Is it better to deal directly with the car company? Otherwise, we could go through our AAA membership or the airline we are flying with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! (Currently, we are thinking of going with Enterprise....)

Monday, October 17, 2005


I went to a different corn maze last weekend. It pretty much sucked. The clues were ridiculous and the corn stalks were so low, even I could see over the tops of them.

However, this corn maze was at a pumpkin patch farm. They had all sorts of pumpkins, gourds, honey, corn stalks, etc. to buy. I guess I'm just must be a "city girl" cuz I sure didn't know that there were different colored and miniature pumpkins...

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I wonder if they grow different colored Christmas trees, too? That would be cool!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


It could be worse!

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I've got another week to go in a community theatre play I'm participating in...."Life with Father". Between that, work, and a slight cold, I'm just plain wore out!

Should have more real blog material for you soon! 'Til then, enjoy the humor!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


There is nothing like coming home after a hard workout, feeling like you're starving, and, instead of eating, having a large glass of champagne. Instead of eating those calories you've burned, you imbibe them.

I get this warm fuzzy feeling. Feels like I'm floating on air. Also, serves as a great sleep enhancer.

Going to slip fuzzily into bed now...ZZZZZZZ.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Would you believe Beloved Husband has started calling me the "Kiss of Death"??!! He's very obnoxious about it, too!

Also, hard to imagine, but Tammi of Tammi's World has threatened my very life if I pick-up any of her precious Bucs for Fantasy Football??!!

All because I picked Cadillac Williams this week and he not only dropped from averaging over 100 yards/game to a measly 13 total yards, but he also suffered another injury! Why should they think that was MY fault??

Also, I dropped Michael Pittman prior to game time and he had an awesome game!

Then Monday night, I quit watching the Packer game at halftime, and they came back to within a field goal. Beloved Husband was nice enough to wake me up so I could watch Favre's comeback. However, when I got in front of the TV, the Packers turned the ball over on downs and lost!

Nope, I just don't understand this 'Kiss of Death' thing.

However, I do think I'll be picking up some Bears, Lions, and Vikings this week in Fantasy Football. Wait...nah, the Vikings are bad enough all on their own - they don't need my help!

Sunday Fun

Went to Tammi of Tammi's World this Sunday. Had a great time feasting on jambalaya and apple pie, while watching football, and the Packers NOT get beat....Oh yeah, they weren't playing.

So I had a Pampered Chef catalog with me that Tammi was paging through. Would you believe the following quotes actually came out of her mouth, "I don't think I need any more kitchen gadgets." and later, "I need to back off, I've got too many kitchen gadgets." ??!! I even have three witnesses!

To put this in the proper perspective, you have to re-read the end of her post from 05-19-05. You see Tammi has two addictions in life (that I know of) candles and kitchen gadgets! I can only assume the 12 step program Teresa of Technicalities suggested has worked OR she was deathly ill Sunday. Hmmmm, she looked okay....

Denver Broncos Coach Shanahan

I got the following from a great free newsletter offered by the NFL. You get weekly updates on what is happening around the league. You can subscribe here.

The following is from a week ago. Sorry - just got around to posting on it now, but still worthy of mention...

The NFL has fined Denver Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan $20,000 for publicly criticizing officials in Week 3's game against San Diego.

The Broncos were penalized for having too many players on the field, which nullified a 61-yard punt return for a touchdown. Coach Shanahan was quoted as saying the call was "horrible," adding "those calls aren't made in high school" to reporters.

Typical of today's society…God forbid anyone wants to actually play by the rules! Better yet, according to Shanahan, I guess we should take lessons from high school football on how to run the NFL!

I've never heard anything much about Shanahan before today - whether good or bad. Maybe in this incident, the 'high-altitude" air got to him. However, for now, he is going down on my list of "bad coaches".

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