Tuesday, February 22, 2005


No – not the show, the college grads. For any non-Apprentice fans, this edition has pitted a group "book smarts" (college grads) against a group of "street smarts" (no degree). The street savvies are kicking the butt out of the college grads.

Last night “Michael” a true abomination of a human and, conincidentally, one of the "book smarts" finally got the boot. It was a LONG time in coming. The man was a complete lazy, loud mouth jerk!

After a contestant gets fired, they always get one last camera mug to say a few words. I knew Michael would open his mouth and insert his foot again, and he did not fail me. His parting words contained two back-to-back phrases which fully solidified his status a total dumb-ass! He stated, “Dealing with morons and idiots...it was a very unique experience dealing with people like that.”

Oh yeah, score one more for the “book smarts” college grads. “Very unique” that's one of the pet peeves of Beloved Husband and I. Something cannot be “very unique”. A thing is unique or it isn't. There is no degree to uniqueness. Michael might as well have said “I is a college graduate”, probably would have sounded more intelligent.

Good-bye Michael, you moron, and good luck - you'll need it!

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