Saturday, February 26, 2005


A local police dept has obtained a federal grant for a diversity training. This has spewed forth into an army of employees who are going to be forced fed this 8 hour training, which includes a "working" lunch. The first set of sheep being led to the slaughter (which luckily does not include me) amounts to approximately 500 people!

They are being brought forth from the police dept, the sheriffs office, the Circuit Court judges (and their court personnel), the county DA's office, the office of the State Public Defender, and all state community corrections offices in this county. The county courts are being closed on this date so all may attend. The community corrections offices will be left with a bare bones staff, but continue running. Any who miss the training are expected to attend the next session.

The second installment will be in my county and I am sure will amount to close to the same number of sheep. I pray they will run out of grant money before that happens...Baa-a-a-a-a.

The content of the training they're subjecting us to is the worst part. It is called "A Breakthrough Dialogue on Race". It is being presented by Roberto Almanzan Associates, CA. They use a 90 minute film titled "The Color of Fear". Of course, I had to check all of this out on the Internet and boy did I discover some interesting things.

First, if you google "A Breakthrough Dialogue on Race", you get nothing. Absolutely nothing! Hmmmm...Strange. Second, if you google "The Color of Fear", you find lots of commentaries on the film. On one webpage, we learn the film is about 8 minority men who come together and, "reveal the pain and scars that racism has caused them".

Here you can even view a trailer for the film. The trailer has just left me speechless. Here is one quote, "The cure for the pain is in the pain." HUH? Well, I am telling you it pained me greatly watching this disastrous trailer, and it didn't get any better the second time through. The cure was NOT in the pain for me.

A second website says, "the participants challenge the privileged status of white Americans and recount their anguished experiences with discrimination."

Now coincidentally, one of the "actors" or should I say "participants" in the film is Mr. Roberto Almanzan! Remember that name? "Roberto Almanzan, Associates" is the group presenting the training. Gee, I'm sure there is no prejudice in that presentation. Also, I am just wondering if Mr. Almanzan gets any kickbacks as an actor/participant each time "The Color of Fear" is played.

And I have to wonder, why it is always *the white man putting down the minorities*? I mean don't you think there are some other ethnicities that dislike each other? I would think some Hispanics dislike African-Americans, perhaps some Asians dislike Hispanics... How come no one ever brings up these discriminations (if they exist)??

Bottom line, this is a waste of time and money. A waste of YOUR money. It is a *federally* funded grant. Yes, we taxpayers are paying for this wonderful "education" about how eeeevil the white folk are. So chime in you "wicked" people and let me know your thoughts. Oh, but I don't want to be discriminatory, if you aren't wicked, please feel free to leave your comments also. :)

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