Sunday, February 20, 2005


More quotes from the Mr. Bad Example's Family Reunion...

"I' m Daddy's favorite." Teresa of Technicalities (this quote was heard OFTEN!)

"You wanna sit on that??" _Jon of We Swear

"I'll blog with you." Teresa to _Jon

"Its too BIG!" Tammi of Road Warrior Survival

"We're cutting the Johns off!" Tammi

"I will commence the slathering." Tammi

"Who likes cutting dead things?" _Jon

"Just stick your fingers in it and see if its warm." _Jon

"It grinds my groin." Harvey

"Shut up and eat it." JohnnyOh of Closet Extremist to Harvey

"If I take my eyes out, I can't see!" JohnnyOh

"What flavor is this bad boy?" JohnnyOh

"Did I wear you out, baby?" JohnnyOh to Smiling Dynamite

"Bondage bear, you're with me!" _Jon

"You can't ever get as low as Tammi." Teresa

"We'll just shove it in there." Teresa

"The head on that bad boy was disproportional to its weight." Tammi

"If I have to drive any big nails, I'm screwed." Tammi

That's all on the family reunion quotes. Now, on the home front, I suggested to "Beloved Husband" that I could regale all my readers with day to day quotes from him... but he was less than excited at the idea. Well, maybe I'll just covertly scribble down a few - you know just in case I ever have a day like JohnnyOh's - God Forbid!

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