Saturday, February 19, 2005


Anyone who was at the family reunion understands the "quote pen". However, for those of you who were unable to attend, a brief explanation. The first two days in TammiWorld, I just sat back and enjoyed all the wit and hilarity that was around me. However, after two days, I realized that this highly entertaining humor should be documented for posterity. (Coincidentally, this enlightenment came upon me shortly after _Jon of We Swear arrived in TammiWorld. I'm sure there was no connection.) :)

The following is a list of quotes that came out freely and under no duress from the lips of various attendees at the reunion. I will allow those of you who were not there to form your own background context of how these utterances occurred. You just don't know what you missed, but I will try and make you even more jealous....

"I would never pay for it." Tammi of Road Warrior Survival fame (and your hostess at TammiWorld.)

"Just shove it in there." Johnny-Oh of Closet Extremist

"Your knees are mine, bitch." Harvey AKA Mr. Bad Example

"Anything that sits in my lap gets hot." Harvey

"Blow me." Harvey to _Jon, who replied"I don't return favors."

"It's like a guy on Viagra that didn't work - it went soft" _Jon

"Get on that thing and stay there." Johnny-Oh

"I just feel like f***ing around with my guitar." Johnny-Oh

"I was f***ng around with it last night" Johnny-Oh

"You suck" Harvey to Johnny-Oh, who replied, "Tits, clits, and bottles of beer." At the beginning of Johnny's statement, Bou of Boudicca's Voice.... walked in and innocently asked Johnny-Oh, "What's that? Things you haven't seen?"

Johnny-Oh's favorite alcoholic drink(s) was "liquor, chaser"


to which _Jon replied, "I used to do that all the time.", and Harvey chimed in with, "If you lick her right, you don't need to chase her."

"I've never seen a woman blow so well." Harvey

"How do you get your post up when you're that slow?" _Jon, to which Harvey replied, "You can't get your post up when you're that drunk."

"Do I look more sober in a Ninja stance?" The Great Frank J of IMAO (worship him!)

"I love you man..." Frank J to Harvey to which Harvey responded, "I am so flinging meat at you if you say that again."

"When I met you in person, I found out that you weren't as much of a jerk as I thought you would be." Frank J to Harvey

"I blew the cake...a girl's gotta have her fun when she can!" Tammi

"I don't know why the Christians are so mad at the Jews for crucifying Christ, because he wound up getting resurrected. No harm, no foul." Frank J

"I have the quote pen." Smiling Dynamite

"I'm f***ing crazy, but I'm not psychotic!" _Jon

"I don't want to move twice again" SarahK of mountaineer musings to which Harvey replied, "Just once...then lie there."

"Don't be sexy, I'm wearing my dual 45s." Frank J to SarahK

"Shut up!!!!" Frank J to potted plant

"I was not taking God's name in vain...I was just using it in a joke." Frank J

"I'm a sucker for a rear view!" Tammi

"We were doggie styling all over the bottle." Harvey

"Its too early for quotes." Smiling Dynamite

"You don't sit on your balls?" Harvey to _Jon, who replied, "No, not at work."

"I've gotta go down...let me finish." Tammi

More quotes will follow. I think you heads are spinning enough for now. Remember this was all real conversation tidbits, albeit a little out of context.

And don't worry folks, I have ordered Tammi to put the "mighty quote pen" in a safe spot so it will be ready for the next family reunion!

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