Sunday, February 27, 2005


Quibbles and Bits has a very good perspective on this and has managed to answer most of the questions we all had.

Go here to read more.

I heard on the radio yesterday that Nissan was deciding if it should market any cars with a new technology they have invented. The computer in the vehicle can now tell if a driver is deviating from their lane (via cameras and other stuff), and it would steer you back into your lane. Now off the top of my head, I can think of three instances where this would be a very bad thing.

FIRST: Obviously, you're in a potential accident and need to jerk the steering wheel.

TWO: You see that drunk, Ms. Executive applying makeup, or the tired trucker, who is riding the yellow line and occasionally over. You decided to pass, but want to take a WIDE berth around their car - just in case they decide to meander into your lane.

THREE: You are driving on snow/ice (yes, some of you won't understand this one, lucky you); however, you are driving under bad weather conditions and need to steer into the skid to regain control of you vehicle.

I don't think the car's computer is going to be smart enough to allow for these occurences. The news said there would be an "on-off switch", but in my first and third example, I don't think you would have time to think, "Oh, I better turn off my steering switch before I turn the wheel to go into another lane."

I couldn't find out anymore on the vehicle. I google'd it and found nothing. I know a lot of you have much more knowledge about cars than I do - any input?

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