Friday, March 11, 2005


I guess I'm the last one to post on the Bad Example Family Reunion. At least I have a unique perspective. I came along as an extension of Mr. Bad Example. I had no clue who any of these people were. Good thing. If I had known y'all ahead of time from your blogs, I would have been afraid...VERY afraid.

However, having no preconceptions, I went blithely on the plane with Mr. Bad Example to meet my new family. (I guess at that time the 'family' could have been considered my 'in-laws'?)

Well, as I have said numerous times, I enjoyed myself immensely. So much so, that I eagerly look forward to the next one coming up, hopefully, in September or October.

As everyone else has given their perspectives on the people at the reunion, I am just going to give a short synopsis on each personality who showed up to play at Tammi World.

First, I met "Tammi" of Road Warrior Survival fame. Yes, she was tall, but not overly so. She is so svelte, that her height only really came through to me when I was standing toe to toe with her. Other than that, she looked like the tall, beautiful model type.

Her thing was, "I'm going to need you to..." (She likes to be in control!)

However, she is not quite as much of a control freak as _Jon of the infamous We Swear. I came up in a battle of wills with him once. I think we pretty much compromised somewhere in the middle, but boy I had to stick to my guns!

I have to thank _Jon for increasing my vocabulary. I have to say I would shutter everytime I used to hear the word "F**K". However, after just a few days with _Jon, I have found many uses for this extraordinary word. In fact, I didn't even leave the Orlando airport without issuing at least 3 of these expletives.

JohnnyOh of the cool Closed Extremist blog reminds me of a cowboy stuck in 2005. I could just see him riding the range, strumming his guitar, and getting drunk on some moonshine. He'd be wrassling bad criminals with his "bullshit flags".

I could also imagine him "humping his hat", but that's another story..

Teresa of Technicalities is also very tall, but I never noticed until she stood next to Tammi and wasn't much shorter! Teresa was kind of quiet, but very observant. Whenever she engaged in conversation, she came across as intelligent and well researched as her blog is. What stands out for me is her strong dislike for all TV news shows, even FOX news.

Bou of Boudicca's Voice is just a tiny little thing like me, but quite the dynamo. She makes lists and makes sure everything gets done. You can tell she has had to keep a husband and three young boys organized and in line.

Bou is either the eternal optimist or the eternal pacifist. The first night that she had to stay in the next door condo, the heat wasn't turned on. When she, JohnnyOh, and _Jon discovered this problem, it was low 60s in the condo. Needless to say, no one was too happy - especially _Jon. However, Bou perks up with, "Well, its only a few hours until dawn, it can't get much colder. We'll be fine." WOW! What a girl.

LeeAnn of LeeAnn's View is the BEST story teller. LeeAnn's stories had me rolling with laughter. If she hasn't blogged previously on her dog's first (and last) experience with beer, she really needs to. It is hilarious.

Dogger (LeeAnn's) husband was the person everyone wants to have at their party. He was so warm and friendly, he endeared himself to everyone. He also was extremely helpful. He jumped right with a "Let's fire up the grill," and just continued by fixing drinks, peeling potatoes, being the attentive husband to LeeAnn...I'm sure I missed something. Despite having some medical issues, he was the most industrious person there (next to Bou). We are all still encouraging him to start a blog.

"Boo" LeeAnn and Doggers gorgeous canine. Really. To see a picture of her, go here. She was one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever met. She didn't even bite Mr Bad Example and the Great Frank J when they went for a walk and refused to take her.

sarahk of mountaineer musings reminds me of the 40s calendar pin up girls. She would have fit right in with Betty Grable and the like. She was just a cute little curvy kitten. Sorry if that sounds funny coming from another girl, but that was my first impression. She's just as gorgeous in person as on her website. And sarahk does funny better than Frank J - just ask her.

I didn't know what to expect from the Great Frank J of IMAO. Something god-like I guess considering he is the one my husband, Mr Bad Example, wanted to emulate for so long. Well, he is definitely unique. I can say I have never seen someone get drunk so quickly or have such trouble trying to eat a piece of beef. Sarah K - you may have to help him with that. :)

Together, Frank J and Sarah K make a very cute couple

I won't go into a description of Mr Bad Example; I think I would be a little biased.

So was it mentioned yet how much y'all missed who didn't make it the reunion???

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