Sunday, March 13, 2005


Whenever Beloved Husband does something really wonderful, he claims he has earned "brownie points". I am going to start keeping track of his brownie points and will reward him with something special when he reaches 50 points.

He earned a big brownie point this weekend. He actually came to watch me play racquetball in a local tournament. People support your better halves! You have no idea how much this can mean to someone.

I have been begging Beloved Husband to come watch me play for years. Some tourneys were out of town and if he didn't want to go those, I understood. However, many were at our local club which is approximately 5 blocks from our home! Not to mention he LIKES racquetball, and in fact, was the first person to really teach me racquetball.

It really hurt when he couldn't take time out to at least come see me play. I didn't even ask if he would stay for the entire day - just come for a while.

I finally stopped asking.

This weekend, he showed up all on his own. I can't tell you how pleased I was. He definitely earned his brownie point, and some other muscles got exercised that evening.

So, Beloved Husband, here is your "brownie point".

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Please keep them coming, fast and furious!

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