Friday, March 18, 2005


SOOOOOO.. Is everyone as sick of the BTK guy as I am? Is everybody as SCARED as the media is trying to make you feel about your neigbors? TLC channel ran about three hours of commentary from friends/neighbors of BTK to see what a normal type of guy he appeared to be.


I work in corrections. Yes, a lot of the dregs of society appear as normal as you or I (which doesn't always say a lot, I know.) The point being, unless some has serious mental problems, EVERYONE can be charming when they want to. If there is something to be gained, most people know how to 'turn it on' (be whoever - do whatever) to get what they want.

People call us all the time to complain that a known sex offender lives in their neighborhood. They should be glad they are AWARE of that person being in their neighborhood so they can watch out for that person. There are hundreds of sex offenders living in the State where the State is not required to send out notifications to local neighbors. HUNDREDS!!!

Just always have your head up, pay attention, and be aware of your surroundings. Crime can come at anytime, anyplace. Interviews with criminals have revealed that one of the things they look for in victims are people not paying attention.

**Just felt that rant needed to come out. Its been a long week at work!**

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