Monday, March 07, 2005


I came across the following poem last night in our local newspaper. It struck me very deeply. It was written by PFC Andrew J. McFall-Halverson of Shopiere, Wisconsin, a member of the United States Marines, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force. He was killed in combat in Iraq October 9, 2004, at age 19. It was a day before his 20th birthday.

The one line that stands out for me was, "My story will probably never be told". Well, I am here to spread his perspective on his life as a Marine.

This is also dedicated to all of our brave soldiers fighting everyday for our freedom...


I am a knight and this Hum V my horse
I awake every morning not knowing my course

Run here go there
To fight an enemy I can't see clear
And every day God knos I have my doubts
Not understanding what's this all about

To help a people who don't want me in their land
And I know they wish I'd lay forever in this sand
The twisted grin on their face as they hide in the dark
And I can only pray God don't let me miss my mark

I am the few the proud a Marine
Yet all my accomplishments my loved ones have never seen
A heart of stone and a face weathered by the storm
With all the dreams of a boy but in a uniform

My story will probably never be told
But know what I've been throgh the average man would fold

When you lay down for bed every night
Know I've offered my life and am the first to fight
For those I love I'm out here doing my very best

I've given my life to protect and I'll never rest
Born to fight trained to kill
I'm ready to die but never will

-PFC Andrew J. McFall-Halverson

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