Friday, March 25, 2005


Continuing with the Internet interviews going around...Here are my questions for Oddybobo the Bobo Blogger:

1. What/where did your name "Oddybobo" come from?

2. You can only read one blog for one year, who's would it be and why?

3. You get to be President for one day, what law would you pass or repeal? (You rule, there's no senate, House, etc. stopping your decision.)

4. Since your "better half" is a chef, what's the best meal he has ever made for you?

5. It's a rainy, stormy day outside. You have to stay inside; however, you have no chores to do, no appointments - you are totally caught up in all the home projects. What would you do?

That's it! Remember the rules...

**Answer on your blog, and I will link to your answers.

**The first 3, 5, any arbitrary number you choose, who comment on your answers will be your next interview victims.

**You have to answer the questions yourself...No hiring out to your midget you always seem to have hanging around!

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