Saturday, March 05, 2005


Here being Wisconsin - YUK! I guess because I was born here. I did manage to move out of my little 10,000 person town to a bigger city; however, that is as far as hubby and I have managed to escape.

We both hate the cold weather and winters. He hates shoveling or using the snow blower. I actually like skiing, but Harv hates all winter sports.

For awhile we stayed because I had ties to family. However, I have very few ties now and we are ready to move somewhere more warm. We are eyeing up AZ, NV, NM; we really have to do more research.

Right now the only things holding us back is we need to seriously overhaul our current house before putting on the market and we have to look at our job situations. Neither one of us is tied to our current jobs; however, I don't know if we are ready to take that leap of faith and just move to a new state to look for new jobs. Not to mention we have the family to think of - Jake and Bandit (dogs) and Amber, Patch, Fuzzy, and Buster (cats).

However, after going to the Bad Example Family Reunion, I was really inspired to move somewhere that I wanted to live, rather than just ending up in a state simply because I was born there. I think it will be time to relocate in the near future.

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