Sunday, April 10, 2005


I have to say I am absolutely floored! You guys (and girls) ROCK!

Thanks to all of you in this wonderful blogosphere, I have had the best anniversary ever. I (we) have never received such a warm outpouring of love and comradeship. We both "thank-you " from the bottom of our hearts for all your great posts and all your well-wishes on our 6th wedding anniversary.

I could never list everyone to thank-you, I would be here all week. The list is that long. However, Beloved Husband (Mr. Bad Example) has provided many of the trackbacks at his website. So if you're are interested those are all here. Again, I cannot believe how many witty, wonderful writers we have out there!

The gifts were wonderful, too! I did have to let Oddybobo of Bobo Blogger know of the dangers of her gift. Apparently, the candy in the candy underwear can get wedged in the lock mechanism of the handcuffs, thus resulting in handcuffs which must be opened with a tool of some sort. I finally found a buzz saw thingy in the basement and was able to release Beloved Husband today so he could put up a few posts. Its amazing how adaptable he is to typing with that big bandage wrapped around his hand!


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