Wednesday, April 20, 2005


The "Mighty Quote Pen" (or at least an imitation of it) emerged at the Chicago get together last month. Although inferior to the original writing utensil, I did manage to pick up a few pearls at the extravaganza. I stand witness to the following statements:

"Mmmmmm, pom-poms" Harvey of Bad Example

"My first attempt at sex…" Eric of Straight White Guy

"It was just all about position…" Eric

"I had some kinky positions!" Eric

"Just in case, I carry a tape measure to make sure!" Tammi of Road Warrior Survival

Hmmm, notice a common theme? There were actually EIGHT people at this shindig!

Eric is definitely one "chatty" guy! He tends to monopolize all the discussions going on. That's okay, Eric, at least you're not boring; you're just 'loquacious'! But, please, work on your jokes!

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