Sunday, April 17, 2005


Me! Me! Me!

Okay, maybe not a millionaire, but I'm seriously looking at trying to increase my earning potential and job possibilities by obtaining a 2 year technical degree in computers. I have a throw-away 4 year degree in International Studies from 15 years ago, which has done zilch for me so it is time to move on.

After getting some guidance from _Jon of We Swear (thank-you so much Jon!), I have narrowed the field down to computer networking. However, I just realized that was only the beginning of my questions.

So I'm going to "phone-a-friend" (or all my friends in the great blogosphere) for some help. I know many of you are wise in the ways of computer careers and would love to get your input. (I know I will probably have to do more research myself, but I thought with your help, I could narrow the field a little.)

After looking at one tech college pamphlet, I couldn't believe the prices!

First - what are some of the more cost effective computer tech colleges? (Preferably in the southern Wisconsin to northern IL area.)

What are some of the better computer tech colleges?

Can you actually do a computer tech degree "on-line"? I would think some of the work would have to be hands on. Or can you do a combination of the two?

Any word to the wise for a "returning student"?

Anybody know which colleges are more friendly about transferring credits from a previous school?

If you would like to email me with a suggestion or two, send it to "".

Okay, your time starts...NOW...

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