Monday, April 04, 2005


So now that they seem to have gotten rid of some of the riff raff on the show, "The Apprentice", who do you think will be the final winner?

I'm pulling for Tana. Yes, good old "Manga" girl!

Also, she is a Mary Kay lady. I have total respect for Mary Kay consultants. I was one …BRIEFLY. It really helps if you can differentiate between colors when you are trying to sell make-up. I have nothing on Beloved Husband in the color-blindness area.

However, what I DID learn was they get great training in customer service. They NEED it, as I have always liked their products, but I do think they were and still are a little pricey. What MK customers really pay for is the customer service.

**INTERRUPT: SHAMELESS PLUG: I still have lots of products on my shelves if anyone is looking for some of the older products/shades. I usually sell them 30-50% off retail.**

And what Mary Kay Ash did for females in the business industry is incredible! You will never find such strong, dynamic, and intelligent women as you will at a Mary Kay seminar. (Okay, maybe at a Bad Example family reunion), but that's the ONLY other place.

Trump hasn't picked a female yet as the grand winner, its time for the other gender to step up!

So I'm all about Tana. You go girl!

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