Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I’m sorry I haven'’t posted lately. I'’ve suffered from a barrage of nightmares every night. So evil that they torment even my waking hours!

First these movers come in the house with box upon box upon box. Endless mounds of cardboard are surrounding me in the cold arctic frozen tundra of Tammi's World.

Tammi complains that it's SO cold in the house with the doors constantly being opened. The movers say that it's a good thing that her little dog has fur. Tammi remarks that that's fine for HIM, but she shaves.

The movers leave in a hurry.

I am left to try and shift all the boxes into some semblance of order. All I can see amidst the cardboard are candles, kitchen gadgets, and romance books.

Hour upon hour, I try to make headway, only to be left with countless more cartons. Finally they come crashing in on me and I lie there covered in dirt, soot, and blood.

Tammi finally finds me and tries to clean off the grime with...what else... a mushroom scrubber.

Its not pretty folks.

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