Thursday, May 12, 2005


Tammi of "Tammi's World" has moved. Yes, I know you realize her blog has moved, but literally, SHE has moved. She is now in the blissful confines of northern IL. She has been living in her humble abode for one week...with nothing.

Yes, I mean nothing but the 4 walls surrounding her, oh, and her ironing board, of course. Don't ask me. I think she read the rough copy of the original Hitchhikers Guide, before they changed the ironing board to a towel.

She called tonight to let me know how excited she was because all of her stuff in the moving truck should be arriving tomorrow. She will actually have a bed to sleep in...or to do whatever in.

She should have her computer set up tomorrow (cross your fingers), and she will be able to regale you all with her tales of moving and a new job.

But for now, I will leave you with this from Tammi...She was traveling for her job and happened through my neck of the woods. She couldn't resist calling to tell me (or at least the answering machine.) She started with (and I quote), "Only in WI, when its 42 degrees will you see the mailman out in shorts!" (Well, at least she got the '42 is the answer' part right from the Hitchhikers Guide.)

I think she is the first person who has made me laugh out loud from the answering machine!

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