Sunday, May 01, 2005


After a 3½ hour drive, Beloved Husband and I arrived at "Wolf Park" in IN. This has been one of the favorite hang outs for Blake of Laughing Wolf for the last few years. He has blogged about it often and gotten brilliant pictures of the critters. While some people have also gotten humorous pictures of him!

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We started out watching the morning clean up. It was a very cold, windy day. I believe the temperature was in the 30s, and who knows what that wind chill was. Here is Harvey, freezing, but still determined to "make nice" with one of the yearlings.

On the positive side, the cold snap did make the wolves very frisky.

The female (human) is "Gale". She was our co-tour guide, along with Blake. She gave us an insider's tour of the wolves. Not quite face to face with the wild wolves, but as close as it gets.

She did let us go in the foxes cage. At one point, "Baz" (Basil), the friendliest red fox (although white in color) climbed up on my shoulders and jumped to a landing directly above me. This provided a very interesting photo shot.

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Gale is an immensly intelligent woman, who provided us with so much information. She majored in zoology in college and has a whole world of skeltons in her closet. Literally.

We saw skeletons of wolves, foxes, bats, mice, and more. It was so very interesting and we can't thank her more for the special attention she gave us.

Blake, the wonderful host he was, gave us a tour of the area, and paid for our lunch at a wonderful Thai restaurant. We did a drive-by of where he worked and stopped at a park with a memorial to the "Battle of TippeCanoe".

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After lunch, we returned to Wolf Park for "Howl Night". This was fun and we got to start the wolves howling. However, it was VERY cold! Blake was nice and brought us a warm blanket, but there was still a definite chill in the air.

Later dinner, which you can read about at Bad Example - especially the fried crack. Finally, we parted ways with Blake, who left us a little late anniversary present.

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