Sunday, May 01, 2005


Taking Blake's advice, we got a room at Lee's Inn. We booked a nice jacuzzi suite. (Truthfully, this is all that got me through the Howl Night portion of the evening, as I just kept a mantra going in my head 'nice, HOT jacuzzi...nice, HOT jacuzzi...') Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Howl Night, but that wind...brrrr!

We got back to the room, filled up the hot tub, and popped the champagne. After basking in the heat of the jacuzzi and the champagne, we climbed out to see what Blake had left for us. It had occurred to me that he had promised me a whip in a previous email, but I wasn't sure if he would follow through or if a gnome was going to poke its head out of the box. Well, I'm not sure if I would consider our gift a 'whip',

but it sure makes a good husband beater!

Harvey enjoyed his beating immensly, and fell asleep exhausted (NSFW). While I went back to luxuriate in the jacuzzi some more - and finish off the champagne!

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