Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Have you ever noticed how close "fast food" is to "fats food"?

Just a casual observation as I was stuck at a red light because the 'big lady' in her 'big vehicle' had to cut in front of me, drive two blocks, and pull into a Burger King. Thus not allowing me to make the green light.

FYI - I hate all drivers on the road but me! I should own all the roads in the world.

"Megalomania", yeah that's my 'word of the week'.

Main Entry: meg·a·lo·ma·nia
Pronunciation: "me-g&-lO-'mA-nE-&, -ny&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin
1 : a mania for great or grandiose performance
2 : a delusional mental disorder that is marked by infantile feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

Hmmm, but I don't think I'm delusional at all....

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