Saturday, June 11, 2005


I went and laid out by the pool at our health club yesterday. I haven't done this for year. However, I decided to indulge myself in a day of peaceful sun and sloth.

Well, I definitely got the sun (temperature was in the 90s) and I definitely got the sloth (as I laid out for over 4 hours).

However, the "peaceful" part did not completely work out. I was fine for an hour until pernicious people started arriving.

First, the three young girls next to me. As I was privy to their inane chatter, I knew they had all just graduated from high school. All had cell phones with them and must have received at least six phone calls and placed other calls.

One had to inform her cohorts on the evils of a male friend who was dissing President Clinton. Yeah, cuz you see she maintained he was the best president ever because he was the only president that had ever reduced the national debt! And look at Bush, he started a war! (It took all I had not to knock them silly with their cell phones.)

And one of the girls kept complaining that 'its so hot'. Well then get off your lazy skinny ass, yet incredibly out-of-shape ass, and do some laps in the pool!

Then there was the business type guy across the pool. He was doing business on his cell phone in a very loud voice. Yes, he needed wooden pallets from the "All American Pallet" company. He had to have made or received at least 10 calls. Then I heard him say in one of his conversations that, "When I get off of probation..."

GREAT! This is probably somebody I see at work and here I am in my bikini! Hopefully, he won't recognize me with clothes on. :)

What happened to the wonderful days with no cell phones and no stupid, ignorant kids who have no clue, actually being allowed to graduate from high schools and feel they have the right to espouse their opinions as law to everyone within earshot?

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