Saturday, June 04, 2005


Just a few memories of the re-enactment that Beloved Husband and I visited. We went to Fort Atkinson's Buckskinners' event and met with Little Joe, Graumagus, Anathematized, Contagion and his family.

We we enjoyed ourselves immensly despite less than favorable weather conditions. Like any good homesteader, they provided us food and a comfortable shelter. Thank-you all for a very enjoyable time.

LITTLE JOE of Little Joe's Soapbox

-Gives the best hugs ever!

-Beneath his rough exterior, lies a heart of gold. Add some camo paint, and you have instant "Shrek"!

GRAUMAGUS of Frizzen Sparks (Described previously from Chicago, but a few more tidbits...)

-His wick doesn't always spark and he can't always get a good bang!

-However, he was kind enough to allow Harvey and I to try out his gun. When it does fire, watch's pretty hot!

CONTAGION of Miasmatic Review

-He really does eat some of the disgusting things he has blogged about!

-He is actually a pretty good marksman.


-A very sweet woman. I have no IDEA how Contagion managed to entrap her. (There is a rumor of an exchange for much gold and jewlery.)

-Made sure this homestead guest was warm and comfortable. Tucked a blanket around me and practically gave me the coat off her back!


-Full of piss and vinegar - just like his father.

-Likes his beer - just like his father.

ANATHEMATIZED of Rivers of Blood

-Very hilarious! I enjoyed meeting her immensly.

-Almost always has a hysterical comment to share...constantly!

-Oh, and she is only a size "B" - just ask her. The general view amongst her audience (who kept getting peeps of the corset she could barely keep from popping out of) was that must be a large hive of BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBs!

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