Monday, June 27, 2005

TNT-T (third installment)

See the previous posts here and here from the blog meet at Tammi's World...

"I want some spiced pork." T1G of Drunken Wisdom
"I've got some spiced pork for you" Tammi of Tammi's World
"But I don't know where your pork has been!" T1G

"If you've seen one woman naked, you want to see them all!" Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks

"I can make it bigger, I just can't make it more." Little Joe of Little Joe's Soapbox

"I'm coming." TNT of Smiling Dynamite

"You don't know how to eat it right." Little Joe to TNT

"What is poking me in the back?" Anathematized1 of Rivers of Blood

"Your mango shit tastes like oranges." Little Joe

"Tammi's fell in the well." Cody of Tammi's World

"If I can't love myself, I can hate everyone else." Anathematized1

"I'm going to be spitting out hair for a week!" Harvey of Bad Example to Tammi

"Oh look! It's Bill (Graumagus). I can tell by his three asses." Anathematized1

"I'm going to slowly roast your meat." Tammi to T1G

"We're going to make it nice and creamy...We're going to 'glop' it on." Tammi

"You like a lot of nuts?!" Sissy of What's Next to Tammi

"I am white trash." Tammi

"I just roll around in the mud for a good patina." Anathematized1

"Mmmmm, solo mud fighting!" Tammi

"You are one of my favorite fruits." Sissy to ??? (probably all of us)

"She keeps that in a special place." Teresa of Technicalities
"She wasn't going to go digging in that special place." T1G

"My courtesy suck with Bill. I figured I should give you a courtesy suck." Anathematized1's all folks! (At least until the next, soon to come, blog meet!)

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