Friday, July 29, 2005


The old feud in the bathroom world used to be whether to leave the seat up or down...

Now, in the days of modern technology, we have a brand new conundrum. I have heard at least two conversations revolving around this issue in the last week AND, I heard about it on TV.

If you're on the phone (cordless) and you are compelled to "relieve yourself", do you continue the conversation and just do two things at once? OR, do you cut short the conversation and/or call your friend back?

Personally, I just can't see using the toilet and carrying on a phone conversation at the time. All I can think is "YUK!"

From most of the chats in which I have been involved, I'm thinking its a more guy vs. girl issue. Girls are generally horrified at the suggestion; however, guys can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

Beloved Husband's response (question) to the issue was, "Does the phone have a mute button?"

I'm thinking guys pee together so often - at urinals, out in God's great wonderland, etc., that conversing on the phone, while using the facilities is no big deal to them.

Any input?

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