Monday, July 11, 2005


So, since many breeds of dogs are bred to be hunters, or protectors, or police dogs...why are they almost all so infernally scared of loud "boom" sounds - especially when the 4th of July rolls around?

Yet cats, who are rarely bred for any reason than to be treated like royalty and catered to within some humble, hospitable human's home could care less about "booms"? Thunder, lightening, firecrackers - no problem. Just another thing, not homosapien, to ignore.

Shouldn't it be the other way around???

Shouldn't cats be running for cover and dogs be bravely trying to defend their humans or at least remain unaffected from the 'loud scary noises'?

I'll tell you it sure is a sight to see a 125 pound dog cowering and afraid to go outside because of little neighborhood firecrackers. Or to have that same heavyweight dog jump on top of you due to a little thunder and lightning!

Can anybody explain to me why this is so backwards?

Or does anybody actually have a cat that is afraid of firecrackers or thunder/lightning?

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