Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Well, we had another fun blogger dinner/get together in Rockford, WI last week. Yummy, yummy Mexican food at Dos something or other.

Present were Tammi of Tammi's World, Teresa of Technicalities, Anathematized1 of Rivers of Blood, T1G of Drunken Wisdom, Matty of Blackfive, Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks , Contagion of Miasmatic Review, Little Joe of Little Joe's Soapbox, and Harvey of Bad Example.

Oh yeah, also in attendance was the famous, "infamous"?, quote pen.

Allow me to share with ya'll the entirely out of context quotes you missed.

"Where's the love?" Harvey
"I'll give you love, Harv... every inch of my love." Little Joe
"He's got a lot of love to give!" Anathematized1

"She has the furriest hands after petting the kitty." (Contagion ref: Anathematized1 )

"If you don't plant the evidence right, you're gonna get caught." Tammi

"You're a bold kind of broad!" Harvey

**Matty's version of "combat basketball"**

**Graumagus' depiction of Little Joe's "Sicillian Leglock"** (Next time I'm going to insist on a demonstration!)

"I used to have morals and ethics; then I had to drop one." Contagion

"There's a thin line between 'That's kind of cool' and 'Oh, God! I'm bleeding!'" Little Joe

"It (Jack Daniels) doesn't make me mean*er* or violent*er*." Contagion (hic)

"I'm such a ditz!" Tammi

"Squirrels knocked him off the ladder!" Matty

"You just want to see me in my SWAT gear!" Matty

"That's okay, I like scraping." Little Joe

"I'm a pillow biting, Kool-Aid drinker!" Little Joe

"Your face is too ugly…even for the radio!" Harvey ref: Little Joe

"Anathemetized1's got cherries…been a LONG time since she's had that." Little Joe

"My soul is salty." Graumagus

"First there's the sucking, then there's the salty ejaculation." Little Joe

"That's not the worst thing I ever put in my mouth at one time." Harvey

"Gonna spread my butter?" Harvey

"You can come over and lick my nuts ALL the time." Harvey

"She's too pretty to stab." Contagion

"Maybe we would like each other so much we would have ended up in jail together." Matty to Little Joe

"Kung Fu Paratrooper" Little Joe ref: Matty

"Its so hard to get to know me." Matty (HAH..he's so funny!)

"TG1's ready to go!" Tammi

"I'm going to ask about by breast." TG1 (or at least post about it!)

Ahhh, I get misty eyed with all the fond memories. Sniffle…sniffle…

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