Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Just got back from my workout at the gym. I tell you our club is just full of "gym dandies". Patrons who seem to think the club and the world revolves around them.

Case 1 Persona: All the workout tools are mine to throw about as I see fit.

How hard is it to put away equipment that you use?

I start out in a small women's workout area. Inevitably, someone has been there and left out a barbell, BOSU, and/or exercise ball in the middle of the area. Hard to work around and easy to trip over. So you end up cleaning up someone else's mess before you can even start your own workout.

These are the same folk who are strong enough to load up the weight machines with heavy weights, but can't seem to remember to UN-load the machines. Again, clean-up must be done before you can start your own work-out.

Case 2 Persona: I am the queen/king, let all others bow before me.

Often I go to said women's workout area after having down cardio. Although warm, I am covered in sweat and do not relish having the big fan blowing directly on me, so I turn it off. Someone will walk in a few minutes later and switch it on. They don't even ask if I mind - just turn it on.

DUH! I was here first. If I wanted the fan on, I would have turned it on! Often said person will then do some stretches for 5 - 10 minutes and then leave. Forget about turning the fan "off", like you found it. I'm still doing my workout here!

Also in this genre is I will get an exercise ball down and use it in between weight machines. I tuck it away in a corner so it will not get in anyone's way (unlike Case 1 Persona who leaves it in the middle of the area to roll all over the place). While I am away for 5 minutes, someone will take my ball and start using it. Said person could reach above their head to get a ball of their own, but mine is just more inviting, apparently.


Finally, what I find so hilarious is the etiquette most of the impolite "gym dandies" will adhere to. Posted all over are signs "Please clean off machines when you are done with them." Yes, folks, we are expected to grab a bottle of disinfectant, spray off, and dry off every machine we use.

Maybe this is required by law or something, but I find it totally ridiculous!

This is a work-out club. Funny, but I always thought "work-out" usually included sweat. I don't care whose sweat it is, mine, yours, his; you're going to get sweaty. This is not the place one goes to in order to make a fashion statement.

There is a reason every health club I have been in has showers! You're going to get hot and sweaty, you're going to pick up other people's germs. TAKE A SHOWER AND DEAL WITH IT!

Ah, now I have worked out my brain and my body; feeling much better now.

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