Monday, August 08, 2005


Went to a bridal shower this weekend.

(Yes, it does relate to the topic, and, no, it doesn't involve the 'Bride of Frankenstein'!)

The bride-to-be comes from a very large, very innovative family of 4 boys and 4 girls. They were constantly involved in theatre - acting, singing, etc.

When said bride-to-be got into college she went to many a Halloween party. I was enlightened with stories of her various costumes...

NEURON and SYNAPSE - she and a friend went as a neuron and a synapse. Apparently they had big cardboard heads with silver colored cones sticking out and the cones met in the middle.

ONE NIGHT STAND - she dressed up as a small nightstand...and there was "1" of her!

PMS - hair frizzed out with tampons and pads tied throughout, a black costume with a big slash of red felt going across it. Anytime a person came up to talk to her, she hissed, "What the hell do you want?!"

SERIAL KILLER - had a cardboard box around her with pictures from 'cereal' containers attached all over and little, fake knives going through the 'cereal' labels.

I bow to such creativity!

Anybody started on their costumes for this year yet?

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