Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I think I've given Tammi of Tammi's World (the ex-road warrior) a run for her money the last few weekends. Two weekends ago, I drove to MN with Beloved Husband. I clocked in almost 700 miles on the road. This weekend, I logged over 600 miles driving to northern WI to pick up my grandmother and take her to a cousin's wedding over 100 miles away from HER house. UGH!

I discovered two things during my driving extravaganzas. First, I like to drive fast. I really do. I figure I 'cruise' well at 80 mph. I can handle up to 90 - 95. However, I really feel like I'm crawling if I go anything less than 80.

Aside from just the pure joy of speed, I discovered there are another couple of reasons I like to drive fast.

First, it really makes me aware of what I'm doing. I'm constantly scanning the highway for state troopers or deer crossing the road. When I kick back and do the speed limit with the cruise on, I really don't pay attention to the road like I should. I get lost in my thoughts and don't pay attention to the road like I do when I am traveling at high speeds.

Second, if you are on a long journey traveling a major highway or byway, you usually end up with a pack of similar drivers/cars. They become like family to you. Occasionally, you may hit a few rough patches of slow driving, then one of your group will have to take the initiative to maneuver out of the bog via the other lanes. Soon everyone follows. Voila, you end up with a new 'leader of the pack'. However, it is always the same group of cars. You recognize them…

"There's the blue MI car." Or "There's the zippy red car from IL." When one of the cars actually turns off to their final destination, you feel a loss, like one of your family members is leaving.

Finally, it's nice because you really reduce your chances of getting a speeding ticket. Everyone is looking for cops and, hopefully, at least one of the demon drivers has a radar and will slow down ahead of time. Also, a cop can't pull over everyone at once so the larger your "pack", the less chances of you being the one ticketed!

Heh. I had the nickname of "rocket" during a brief period that I was involved in downhill skiing. Guess I like my whole world to be in the "fast lane"!

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