Saturday, September 10, 2005


Yesterday a friend and I went to a corn maze. She had been to one before, but this was my first time. It was a hot day so I decided to wear some fairly durable, comfortable sandals. (Note, I almost always wear tennis shoes, but I figured it was hot, we'ld be walking for maybe an hour (probably on straw), what the heck?).

My mistake.

After traversing the three mile maze that stretched across 10 acres of farm land for 3.5 hours on hard, dirt paths, I learned the golden lesson of "Don't wear sandals to a corn maze." I had a great time, but ended up with 6 blisters and I STILL had to get my weights done at the health club that night!

Here is a picture of the very cool, big, nursery rhyme corn maze.

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When I got home, my husband thought I had morphed into a hobbit. He ran screaming from the house. Just because my feet were solid black except for a couple strips of white where my sandal straps had been...I don't get it!

So I bathed my feet and started to bandage up the blisters. Unfortunately, two of the blisters were big water blisters that needed to be popped. My husband was still missing and he is the one that has the sewing kit with needles in it. (Yeah, he does the laundry, too, and reaches high places. He really is useful for many things.)

Being the stubborn wench that I am, I went hobbling around in search of a substitute for a needle. AHA!! The kitchen butcher knife!

You know if you have a big enough water blister, squeeze it, and puncture with a knife, the knife really doesn't hurt at all. And the stream of water that squirts out is pretty cool! (Anyone grossed out yet? My husband was when he finally returned.)

End of story is I made it to the athletic club. Finished my weights in about an hour. At the end of my work-out, I am totally sweaty and very tired from working out and the tromp through the cornfield. Hair is pulled back in a harsh ponytail, and I feel like I could crawl under a rock and the rock would be offended, a lady working out comes up to me and asks if I would model for her!

"You have such a beautiful face. I need models for Mary Kay..."

WTF!!! Life is VERY strange!

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