Friday, November 11, 2005


Since there have been many fine renditions written on the Straight White Guy's blog tsunami already, I'm only going to write on the things I haven't read yet. Specifically, the food and drink.

For instance, the food. The food was awesome! I can't speak for Friday, but Saturday was awesome. Eric bought approximately 20 pounds of ribs and cooked them up in his special sauce. Yes, he spent over 4 hours slaving over a hot barbecue for all of us, and it was delicious!

We had yummy garlic bread, salad, and wonderful desserts provided by Tammi of Tammi's World and Bou of Boudicca's Voice.

And the liquor! Oh my God !!! That man has more alcohol than some liquor stores I have been at. He has three separate areas he keeps all of the booze in! Not to mention people brought alcohol to the party, too.

On Sunday, we went to Shoney's and had a wonderful breakfast buffet before everyone left. I had a bottomless pit that morning and stunned everyone with the amount of food I ingested.

That evening, we went Eric, his lovely wife, Harvey and I went to Castillos, a local Mexican restaurant. I had a delicious Castillo salad. It was so big, I got to take some back with me, (and later ate it waiting for our plane to arrive).

The following morning, Eric cooked breakfast for us. He actually made me garlic eggs. Although I am a garlicaholic, I had never thought to put it in eggs before. It was very, VERY good.

In addition to the great company, it was a great gastronomical experience!

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