Sunday, December 25, 2005


I was doing a lot of thinking during my little Christmas vacation about what I like/dislike about myself. Quickly finding there was little I disliked about myself, I moved on to what I liked best about myself.

Upon great instrospection, I decided my very best trait is my ability to make people laugh. I think I have a fairly quick wit and try to use it whenever I can. If I can make someone laugh, it takes them away from any problems or cares they might have at least for a few minutes. I don't care if they are laughing at me, with me, near me...just so I can see that delightful smile on their faces.

I've also found it to be a great asset, when I am sad, hurt, or just plain want to change the subject. Laughter, indeed, is the very best medicine.

So take a personal inventory and see what your best asset is. You'll probably find there are a lot of remarkable things about yourself. Its a great morale booster. Share if you like or just plant a delightful smile on your face for the wonderful person you are!

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