Sunday, January 15, 2006


Yeah! Panthers beat the Bears 29-21. I'm so happy. I was really rooting for the Bears to lose.


1. I really thought the Bears pulled some cheap shots during the last Packers vs Bears game. They were beating us handily and still put a hard hit on Favre and laid out Driver. Driver's was close to a head to head. There was no reason for it. We weren't threatening to win; they just had to prove their domination

2. I think the Bears have treated their former QB Orton really poorly. Once QB Rex Grossman was healthy enough to come back and play, they promptly forgot all about Orton. Well, I shouldn't say forgot, they actually dissed him. All I head was about the Golden Boy Grossman. About how he could throw the ball and now the Bears would have an offense (unlike with Orton). You know, Orton was only a manager. ..

Well, guess what? That manager did a whole lot better than the Golden Boy did. Golden Boy may be able to throw the ball deep, but you have to have some degree of accuracy and good decision making ability. Neither one of which he exhibited today. Orton was at least accurate for short throws and did what was needed to win and get them to the play offs.

3. I heard the Bears were dissing the Panthers earlier in the week. There was a quote reference the Panthers not deserving to be in the play offs. Don't piss off players you are going to face ahead of time. They already know how important the game is; it only gives them added incentive when you insult them.

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