Saturday, June 03, 2006


Move over "Two Men and a Truck" there's "Three Dolls and a Dolly".

That's right. We did it.

Tammi, Tammi's "Cuz", and I got Tammi of Tammi's World moved. Now, you have really got to see Tammi's furniture to appreciate this statement.

Tammi is a tall girl who likes quality furniture that is meant to last until the end of time. She has got a huge, well cushioned sofa. An equally immense and matching love seat and a 'golden throne' chair. She has an over 6 foot by 4 foot solid oak, with glass, entertainment center. She has a huge kitchen table that I nearly need a step stool to get into the matching chairs. She has a solid, cherry wood, executive desk. Did I mention the queen size bed? How about the TV and the full sized air conditioner?

My day started yesterday, in my vast under-estimation of the work coming later, with a weights workout at the gym at 6:00am. I then packed a few items and got to Tammi's by 10:00am. In between manning the rummage sale, we loaded the U-Haul.

We finally got it all packed up with no room to spare around 2:00pm. At this point, we realized it was going to take two trips. We took the truck to the storage unit (luckily not TOO far away) and finished emptying the truck around 4 - 4:30pm. Back to the house for more work.

Now, we had to box up tons of books and miscellaneous items from the rummage sale to go to a local shelter. We then took a brief break to stave off some of the hunger and started packing the truck again.

We got the cherry executive desk on the truck by ourselves and the dolly. Quite impressive.

The neighbor lady came over and asked if we needed help, as her husband (let's call him "John") would be home soon. Her eyes nearly popped out when she saw us moving the desk on our own! We said we had the desk moving under control, but would gladly accept a little help with the tallest part of the wall unit.

So, as darkness was upon us, Tammi and Cuz got the gigantic wall unit doors taped up and ready to go, and John and I loaded the truck with the wall unit. First of all, John brought over plywood to put over the steps. Oh, could we have used that earlier!!!

John also had a furniture dolly, and knew how to use it, so the moving of the entertainment center went very smoothly. He even let us use his dolly later at the warehouse. This was very lucky for us as the middle unit is to big to stand up on the truck. We couldn't have gotten that on or off the truck without it.

Last trip over to the unit around 1:00am. We got everything unloaded, dumped the truck back off, and returned to Tammi's by 3:30am.

We had moved furniture and boxes with very little time off to rest for 15 hours straight!

I then had my hour drive home. Amazingly, I wasn't even tired on the way home! I'm usually conked out around 11:00pm so this was weird! The only thing I can figure is my arm, leg, shoulder muscles were so tired that my mind couldn't even think about my eyes being tired. In comparison my eye muscles must have been fresh and energenic!

I finally got to bed around 4:30am!

Today, everything is sore. I have area specific sore muscles before, but I don't think my entire body has ever ached like this before. Thankfully, I don't bruise easily so I didn't suffer any damage that way.

I am surprised we didn't have any major injuries at Tammi and "Cuz" both insisted on moving all this heavy furniture in BARE FEET! Yes, that's what I said bare feet!!!

Tammi just refuses to have anything on her feet, pretty much ever. Cuz said she was just too hot. Cuz at least put some flip flops on when the sun went down and we moved the heaviest items. I can't tell you how sure I was going to be rushing someone to the emergency room with a broken toe or foot!

Well, I guess that about covers it. I'm going to hobble back to the couch and take another nap now to nurse my aching body. I wonder if the front yard can stand one more day without being mowed....

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