Wednesday, January 03, 2007


...Contagion! That's right! Contagion of Miasmatic Review is a good buddy of Greg Williams AKA 'Greg Brady' of the "Brady Bunch".

At our New Year's Eve get-together, Contagion entertained us with a picture of himself (a long time ago) sporting a great mohawk. On this same page in the album, there was also a picture of him, quite inebriated, with his arm slung over the shoulders of Greg Williams!

He also showed us a SIGNED, framed picture of Barry hanging on his wall. Pocketed in the corner of the frame is an old driver's license of Contagion, which is also signed by Barry saying "keep on giving"!

Naturally, all of his guests inquired how/where in the world Contagion had met Barry Williams. For some reason, he refused to tell any of us. He would only tell us he had hung out with Barry and was still friends with him. He invited Barry to his wedding, but he couldn't make it.

I, being the ever stubborn one, went on the Internet and looked up Barry Williams. It turns out there is a "Barry Williams Official Homepage". Here you can learn all about Barry. There is also a place where you can "Ask Barry". So I immediately latched onto that and sent Barry an email asking him where he had met Contagion. I haven't heard back yet, but I'm still hopeful. However, I think if EVERYONE emailed Barry and asked him as to the history between Barry and Contagion, the odds of us getting a response would be even better! And trust me, Contagion would have a coronary - that would highly amusing! Also, if enough people asked Barry the same question, we might get featured in his "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

What do you say? Anyone up to the challenge?

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